Office Acoustical Ceiling System Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board

The ceiling materials used in the office need sound absorption and noise reduction, because the office environment is generally noisy, and the decorative materials that need noise reduction absorb part of the noise, giving the office a relatively quiet environment. Therefore, when choosing office ceiling materials, sound absorption and noise reduction is an important indicator.

Products Details

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1. Mineral fiber Ceiling is made of raw material mineral fiber which contains recuperated slag. 2. The recuperated materials do not contain any asbestos, formaldehyde and other venomous and noxious substance. 3. Main functions are sound absorption, noise reduction, fire resistance. 4. The surface patterns are pin hole, fine fissured, sand texture, etc. 5. Size available: 595x595mm, 600x600mm, 603x603mm, 625x625mm, 600x1200mm, 603x1212mm, etc. 6. Using high-quality mineral wool as the main raw material, 100% asbestos-free, no needle-like dust, and no entry into the body through the respiratory tract, which is harmless to the human body. 7. The use of composite fiber and net-like structure base coating greatly improves the impact resistance and deformation resistance of the lightweight mineral wool board. 8. The internal structure of the mineral wool is a cubic cross net structure with sufficient internal space and a solid structure, which greatly improves its own sound absorption and noise reduction ability, which is 1-2 times higher than the sound absorption effect of ordinary ceiling boards. 9. Adding moisture-proofing agent and auxiliary moisture-proofing agent, and effective stabilizing cementing agent, which not only increases the surface fiber resistance, maintains the strength of the board, but also regulates the indoor humidity and improves the living environment. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION
Material Wet-formed mineral fiber
Surface coating High quality factory-applied latex paint
Color White
size(mm) 595x595mm, 600x600mm, 603x603mm, 605x605mm, etc
Density 240-300kg/m3
Edge detail Square lay-in/Tegular
Surface pattern Pinhole, fine fissure, sand finish, etc
Moisture Content(%) 1.5
Fire performance EN13964:2004/A1:2006
Installation Match with T-Grids/T-bar or other ceiling suspension systems. Main Tee, Cross Tee, Wall Angle
  RAW MATERIAL mineral fiber raw materials FEATURE   mineral fiber features   APPLICATION This ceiling tile could be widely used for schools, corridors, lobbies & reception areas, administrative & traditional offices, retail stores, galleries & exhibit spaces, mechanical rooms, libraries, warehouses, etc. mineral fiber installation      

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