Fiber Cement Board

Fiber cement board is similar to calcium silicate board. It uses cement as the basic raw material and is processed by pulping. It is a good fireproof insulation board for exterior walls. It is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, hotels, apartments and other places.

Products Details

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fiber cement board is a decorative material processed from cement and fiber. The length and width are 1.2x2.4m. The products are divided into asbestos-containing cement boards and asbestos-free cement boards. Cement board is widely used, can be used for ceiling and also can be used for partition wall or external wall. Thin boards can be used on ceilings, and thick boards can be used on walls. FEATURE 1. The fire performance is Class A non-combustible, it will not burn in the state of fire, and will not produce toxic gas. 2. Cement board has high strength, strong impact resistance and better hardness than gypsum board. 3. Excellent moisture resistance. 4. Corrosion resistance, can be used in chemical, textile and other industrial fields. 5. Good sound insulation. 6. Wide range of applications, can be used for interior and exterior walls and ceilings. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION
Material: Cement, Calcium Oxide, Quartz Sand, Reinforcing Fiber
Fire Properties: Class A non-combustible
Apparent bulk density: 1.4-1.8g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity: 0.22
Refraction Strength: >16mpa
Water absorption: <20%
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