Antibacterial Mineral Fiber Ceiling Board Used For Hospital

Mineral fiber ceiling tile is acoustic material used for false ceiling. It is soundproof, moist-proof and fireproof. It is light and easy installed. It is used for building office, administration offices, libraries, school, etc. 595x595mm 600x600mm 603x603mm 625x625mm 600x1200mm 603x1212mm

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Considering that the healthcare center treats new patients every day, and a large number of people enter and exit the healthcare center every day, so it needs a quiet, tidy, and hygienic medical environment to help patients recover from their illness, reduce the spread of germs, and reduce the influence of noisy sounds on the patient's mood. Therefore, in view of the particularity of the healthcare center, its interior decoration material needs to consider sound absorption and noise reduction performance, and another important factor is the decoration material must be antibacterial. ceiling healthcare ceiling shopping mall ceilingFEATURE Antibacterial-Escherichia Coli   EDGES ceiling-edge INSTALLATION   So what we strongly recommend here is the antibacterial mineral fiber ceiling. Ordinary mineral fiber ceiling has no antibacterial effect. It absorbs sound and reduces noise, and can give people a quiet and comfortable environment. Ordinary mineral fiber ceiling is suitable for use in general office environments, like building office, administration offices, libraries, school, etc. However, healthcare centers need an antibacterial ceiling to help improve the sanitary environment. Therefore, ordinary mineral fiber ceiling with antibacterial agent is the best choice for healthcare ceiling.   Antibacterial mineral fiber ceiling is also used for clean room ceiling. It is also fireproof ceiling which not only meet interior decoration fireproof requirements, but also acoustic and antibacterial. It is the perfect ceiling material for healthcare ceiling and clean room ceiling. Its installation is so easy that could install very quickly and it could be replaced if any piece of ceiling is broken. To know more details, please contact us. installation PACKING AND SHIPPING PACKING AND LOADING   CERTIFICTE CERTIFICATE

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